Tuesday, July 7, 2009

this'll be a piece of cake!

i'll start with a friendly reminder...just two more days til friday... which means time is running out for your name to be entered into the great cupcake give away!

that's right. our lovely laura from PIECE OF CAKE came up with the brilliant idea to send this 'a blog is born' treat to one of you lucky blogettes. all you need to do is post a comment...

laura knows you all (too) well, but i am a quick study. hence, i have come up with a brilliant idea of my own..

tell your friends about my blog, the giveaway...if they mention you
in their comment , your name will be tossed in the hat as many times as i see it!
hey, we know how to throw a paaaar-tay here in brooklyn.


i didn't make anything today. it was far too beautiful, far too perfect to sit behind a sewing machine. but i didn't want the day to pass without putting some energy toward my sprouting uh..sprout. so...

since we already had a playdate planned after school pickup, i strong-armed mama andy (i brought out the big guns. you know, cheese, olives, chips!) into donning some 'heir pieces', hoping to get some good shots for my website.

this one in my favorite...
i know, i know. doesn't so much showcase my work. unless my work happens to be raising a delicious little sunbeam. which it is not. my work happens to be raising two delicious little sunbeams. here is the other one...

yeah, i didn't actually sew today, but i did drop the kids to school. and i picked them up. not only did i pick them up, but i was there early, and got to show my face... be a bit of a presence at my children's school...i couldn't do that two weeks ago, before i was laid off of my 9-5.

time with my kids? after years of feeling like i was the most horrible of all creatures..an absent mom... that is a ray of light..

oh, yeah...then of course there were the two lords of the flies that somehow found their way into my back yard.

is it only my kids who wind up in some state of undress at every playdate??
? anyone?
we did finally manage to hose them down and corral them inside for some aaarrrrg...

Italicpirate's booty before c.p.s. was called. phew.

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