Tuesday, July 7, 2009

starting over

i have to say, today, this feels really good.

my *ohm mane padme ohmmmm* guru blog mom at PIECE OF CAKE said it would, and she was right.
to re-member who i once was, who i actually am underneath the calcified shell that is an absolute must have fashion accessory if you are even considering spending your days and nights as a human being in new york city.

in bed-stuy, no less...home of lil' kim, smif-n-wessun (what?!!!), mike tyson, and frank mcCourt...ever read 'angel's ashes'?...

of all the god-forsaken, babylonian places on planet earth to raise your kids. i mean, seriously. what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks was i thinking? actually, i LOVE my 'hood.

but i digress.

as much as it felt incredibly satisfying to vent, to emote, to express some of my immense disappointment, as well as a little bit of hope, and have someone out there say

you're right

and it felt absolutely fantastic to successfully find and post pictures from the interweb, without the help of a homo sapien who, by the luck of the draw, happens to wear their gonads on the outside, what i am supposed to be doing is sharing this...

...my most recent attempt at starting over.

after close to 20 years of designing (somewhat frightening) novelty sweaters for other people, i am reinventing myself as a recession-depression entrepreneur.

so, what started as an occasional foray into embellishing sweaters and tee-shirts for birthday gifts is becoming a bit of a full-blown cottage industry; i'm boiling sweaters and making a line of toys (reCREATION), 'heir jewelry' (reADORN), bags (rePORTAGE), and costumes(reCOVER).

if only the faeries and i could keep the cottage out of foreclosure...

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