Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pick me!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

again, i had another post planned. but we all must keep our prioritorial (just made that up, no applause necessary) ducks in a row. so...

okay, i came across this when i stopped by the panic room, and perhaps it is a bit of a pipe dream as there are like, 40 or 50 comments left on each of his posts, which means he's getting like, a jah-zillion hits a day, and given that we live in a celebrity culture...

(please please please don't take offense, but i can't tell you how my stomach churned yesterday each time i heard someone mention jon and kate)

...and we are constantly in a state of rabid frothing over our (in some cases deserving) heroes, panic room ryan must have his name in the proverbial hat...well, i can't count as high as however many times his name has been tossed in the hat...whatever the number, i can't compete.

my point is

i don't know how 'green' a brand new bike is compared to a second hand subaru, but with this nifty piece of mobile technology i won't have to come up with the $1,000+ to get my car to stop rattling when it's in motion, or making that awful grinding sound when it is not

this bike could cart my kids around brooklyn. deliver my toys. pick up groceries. the possibilities are endless, really

my ass would get smaller and my grin larger as the endorphins kicked in

so, each time you stop by please click on the bike...then come back, and hit it again. as many times as you can stand it, each time you come to visit.

it'll be meditative. therapeutic. i promise...a little bit of mitzvah with your morning coffee

oh, yeah...the really good news is, i don't have to compete with ryan or any of the other blogosphere bourgeoisie, because madsen cycles is giving away two bikes. one winner is picked at random from the 20 cites that send the most traffic

and the other winner will be picked from the gigantic pile of entries in the 'i'm just another faceless blogger' category...that would be me

i thank you, my children thank you, the faeries thank you, the tall person with the penis who lives with us thanks you..well he probably doesn't care so much

but you get my drift...

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