Tuesday, July 7, 2009

amali's first birthday

today is my niece's first birthday party. her actual first birthday passed a few days ago, so i must apologize on two points, ms moon.

1. that clearly you were in labor with your son longer than my little sister was, because...
2.amali was born on the 9th, and i believe your son was born on the 10th. so i was wrong about them sharing a birthday. i just got so excited when i read the first few lies of your post, that i couldn't wait to finish before expressing my excitement.

i guess that's what happens when you're a hare and not a tortoise(or a snail). in any case, this doesn't mean we can't still be second cousins twice removed, right?

boy , do i ever digress. moving right along...

today is amali's party. i stayed up way too late working last night, and still had to finish this morning. but, i'm really pleased with the result:

each block measures 4" square, is made from my favorite media (recycled wool sweaters which i have felted and then stuffed with the excess wool left from other projects). what you can't see is that the blocks each have the lowercase letter on the opposite side of the capital letter, and two applique images; the 'a' an apple and acorn, the 'b' a balloon and banana, and the 'c' a cupcake and candle (it is her birthday, after all). i also added bells inside the 'b'.

and the carrying case:

it's made from plastic shopping bags, which i fused with an iron. i then added a twill tape handle and embroidered 'amali's first blocks' up the side. the process of transforming the bags into 'fabric' is pretty easy, but please do not try this at home before checking out a tutorial.

i'll be sure to take lots of pictures of the happiest baby in the world receiving her gift.

have an extra happy sunday!

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