Saturday, January 2, 2010


i wonder who will find me here.

it has been a while, but the turn of the clock and reflections on the past year have me in a sentimental mood. plus my computer crashed AGAIN, and i'm learning how to use a hand-me down computer AGAIN, and that little rainbow wheel just keeps spinning (i imagine its mocking happy face turning turning turning), so i can't post pictures on my new page, and, oh well...

i fell completely in love last march when i began this blog. but soon the walls closed in, and i ran for the hills.  i'm not moving back here permanently; you can never step into the same river twice, right?  what you can do, is pull out your old photos of that pre-kids pre-responsibilities whitewater rafting vacation, and remember what it was like to be young and single and unfettered by star-bellied sneeches who tell you 'no'.

have i lost you? have i even found you? yes? no? point is i'm re-posting thoughts from when i was new to this space. i regret that i lost your original comments; they meant so much to me, but they are still here in my heart.


please excuse me if everyone has seen this video already, but michelle's post left me wanting to do my share to part the clouds and help usher in a new day.

so this one goes out to ty, and his effort to fill the hungry bellies of people who have less than he.

it goes out to my sister as she stays up too late chasing away the monsters under her bed. it goes out to the chickens and all those barely tolerating the southern heat as we in the northeast are filled to bursting with heavenly showers.

it goes out to funny ladies who make us smile on the toughest of days. and people who would give their last penny to encourage someone they hardly know.

it goes out to the poets and the dreamers.

it goes out to those whose dreams, after what seemed like an impossible eternity have finally come true.

and to everyone who has read my words, whether once in passing or as part of their daily bread.

this one goes out to the network we are creating...the power we are harnessing.

it goes out to each of six degrees that are one by one dropping like flies, and to the miracle we will create when we are truly ready to shed all difference and distance.

until then, be well. i'll see you on the other side of tomorrow.


  1. I found you here the other day, but must have spazzed on the comment. What else is new???...